Marie Cochran

Artist and Writer in Toccoa, Georgia

I am an independent scholar Artist | Educator | Curator | Project Strategist based in Northeast GA. who is passionate about grassroots organizing.

I am best known as the founding curator of the Affrilachian Artist Project.

Through exhibitions, events and dialogue, the Affrilachian Artist Project explores the unique perspective of people of color in Appalachia.

The goal is to create an inter-generational and interdisciplinary collective of socially active individuals and organizations dedicated to creating a sustainable network of support in the region.

"Affrilachia is a place that is invisible on a map; yet it is manifest, through the rendering of the writer’s words on a page, the voice and sounds uttered by the musician and the creations wrought by the labor of an artist’s hands. In the end, each of us should have the power to determine what we are called and proclaim where we are from."

  • Work
    • Artist | Educator | Curator | Project Strategist
  • Education
    • University of GA, BFA | School of the Art Institute, Chicago, MFA
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